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Q: What is Tokyomeow?

A: Tokyomeow is an event/bar/restaurant search website designed by ladies, for ladies of the lesbian, bi, queer, and straight community. While the name says “Tokyo” we aim to cover all of Japan. Follow us on twitter!


Q: Why the name Tokyomeow?

A: No idea.


Q: What does the site have?

A: Lesbian, Queer, Bi, etc. friendly places and events.


Q: Does Tokyomeow have men’s listings?

A: Nope! Ladies only. We have another site for that coming soon.


Q: How do we upload our events/bar/meet etc?

A: The UPLOAD section of the site has easy instructions. Or click here! UPLOAD


Q: Why advertisements?

A: Advertisements cover costs of our servers, webspace and coffee for our designer.


Q: How do we contact you?

A: Email us at