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... is super easy!  :D

Just email


Q: How to upload Bar, Restaurant, Lounge, Cafe, Etc…

A:  Email or message our twitter with your URL, Twitter, Blog, etc. as well as an Introduction of your place and any pictures you want to use for the banner. We take it from there!


Q: How to upload Events, Meet-ups, and

A:  Email or message our twitter with your event flyer, URL, and whatever else you want uploaded! We will take care of the rest as well as translation!


Q: How long does it take?

A: As fast as we can. We make sure it is a valid site and make the pages!


Q: Does it cost anything?

A: Always free! It will never cost anything for Tokyomeow~ Free to upload and free to view!


Q: How can we update or change something?

A: Email or send us a message on twitter with what you want to change, we will do it as soon as possible!


Q: What about English or Japanese?

A: We can translate from one or the other, perfectly free!


Q: Our place does not have a website/flyer/etc., can you make one?

A: For web design, flyer design, etc. please check our momma-site!